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Airline Software Glitch Leads To Worldwide Delays

Travelers around the world are facing delays today after a glitch in a computer system used by many airlines put a kink in usual operations. [More]

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British Airways Finally Flying Again After Major Holiday Weekend Systems Outage

Tens of thousands of travelers whose holiday weekend plans included a trans-Atlantic hop or a jaunt around Europe probably met with some unpleasantness this weekend, as an IT problem led to British Airways cancelling hundreds of flights and leaving more than 75,000 passengers in the lurch. [More]

Is Gchat Down? Yes, And Everyone Is Freaking Out

UPDATE: As of around 1:00, Gchat appears to be returning sporadically for some. The company’s G Suite Dashboard is also showing no disruptions in Google Hangout service. [More]


Southwest, Virgin America, JetBlue Online Bookings Back To Normal After Systems Glitch

Another week, another glitch disrupting airlines from going about their business: this time, it was a disruption in Sabre’s computer systems affecting Southwest, Virgin America, and JetBlue’s online bookings. [More]

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Pokémon Go Launches In 26 Countries, Servers Promptly Start Crashing

Until this past weekend, Pokémon Go was only available in a few countries, including the U.S. So when Niantic and Nintendo finally launched the mega popular mobile game in 26 more countries on Saturday, players were probably super excited… and then servers started crashing, causing more headaches than monster-catching glee. [More]

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Uber, Lyft Suspend Service In Austin Over Rules Requiring Drivers’ Fingerprints

If you’re looking for a ride in Austin you’ll have one less option starting today, after Uber and Lyft suspended operations there over city requirements that include fingerprint-based background checks for all drivers. [More]

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JetBlue Site Experiencing “Intermittent System Outages” That’s Messing With Travel Plans

UPDATE: JetBlue says its online booking feature is now up and running again, and that crew members are communicating flight status to passengers in airport terminals. [More]

Netflix Goes Down, The Internet Proceeds To Freak The Heck Out

Netflix Goes Down, The Internet Proceeds To Freak The Heck Out

Were you just settling in for yet another episode of Gilmore Girls/The Walking Dead/S? Tough luck, as it appears that as of this writing just after 9 p.m. ET, many Netflix customers are reporting problems watching content on the site. [More]


Bank Of America Says Online Banking Has Been Restored After Outage

After Bank of America customers complained this afternoon of not being able to access their accounts online for a few hours, the bank said the issue has been fixed. [More]

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Verizon Wireless Confirms Many Customers Are Having Problems Accessing Its Online Portal

After customers started reporting a barrage of problems accessing Verizon Wireless’ online system — including account services like bill payments — mainly, that it’s been unavailable for as long as 24 hours, the company confirmed this afternoon that there are major problems. [More]

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People Around The World Forced To Live Through 30-Minute Facebook Outage

While you were sweetly slumbering last night, tucked in your bed and snoring delicately like the little angel you no doubt are, people around the world were apparently freaking out because Facebook had a global outage. Status messages went un-updated, photos of babies couldn’t be quickly scrolled past, and birthday wishes… well, they foundered, useless. [More] Would Rather Stay Offline Than Pay $300 Ransom To Hackers Would Rather Stay Offline Than Pay $300 Ransom To Hackers

Where is Liam Neeson à la Taken (and don’t forget Taken 2: Someone Else Gets Taken) when you need someone to handle a kidnapping? Or in’s current scenario, a sitenapping? The site has been down since Thursday, citing a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. But in a blog today, the company said it’s not going to pay a $300 ransom to the hackers responsible to get its site back. [More]


Sabre System Outage Causes Travel Snafus For Airlines Around The World

Travelers around the world faced flight delays and cancellations all because of one computer software outage that had the power to disrupt a plethora of airline reservations systems. When the Sabre system went down late last night, some airlines turned to good old-fashioned pen and paper to check in and board passengers. Just like in yore!