Here’s What You Need To Know About Hard Rock, Loews Hotels Hack Attacks

If you’ve stayed at a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino or Loews Hotel you’ll want to keep an eye on your financial statements after the two lodging companies revealed they’re the latest victims of a hack attack.  [More]


United Flights Delayed Over Flight Planning System Issues

Less than two weeks after Delta Air Lines suffered a systems outage that led to hundreds of canceled flights, passengers on United Airlines are dealing with similar issues after the system that creates flight plans for the carrier experienced technical difficulties. [More]


Multiple Airlines Experience Issues With Reservations After Sabre Systems Glitch

If you’ve been having issues booking flights today, you’re not alone: multiple carriers have confirmed they were affected by a glitch in the Sabre reservation system. [More]


Southwest, Virgin America, JetBlue Online Bookings Back To Normal After Systems Glitch

Another week, another glitch disrupting airlines from going about their business: this time, it was a disruption in Sabre’s computer systems affecting Southwest, Virgin America, and JetBlue’s online bookings. [More]


Sabre System Outage Causes Travel Snafus For Airlines Around The World

Travelers around the world faced flight delays and cancellations all because of one computer software outage that had the power to disrupt a plethora of airline reservations systems. When the Sabre system went down late last night, some airlines turned to good old-fashioned pen and paper to check in and board passengers. Just like in yore!

Virgin America Is Pleased With Their New Reservation System

Virgin America Is Pleased With Their New Reservation System

Despite experiencing some of the inevitable hiccups from transferring a legacy system to a new one, Virgin America tells me that they’re overall “pleased” with how the reservation system transition they started on Saturday is going. [More]

Virgin America's Brand New Sabre Reservation System Hits Turbulence

Virgin America's Brand New Sabre Reservation System Hits Turbulence

Virgin America has hit some extreme turbulence ever since they switched to a new Sabre Airline Solutions reservation system on Saturday. Travelers are lighting up the inter-boards with complaints that they can’t make or change their reservations, and call centers are swamped, with customers having to wait over four hours on hold. [More]