For Robbers, Spider-Man Masks Are "In"

In the realm of armed robbery, it’s become a fashion “do” to don a Spider-Man mask while committing the deed. A rash of robberies in a few states have started to portray the comic book crime fighter in a poor light.

According to WQAD, the latest Spider-Man robbery took place at an Illinois gas station on Halloween, when two masked assailants stole cash from a register. Just as in a recent attempted robbery in North Carolina, one of the Illinois robbers was a sword-wielding Spider-Man imposter.

As the Huffington Post notes, there was a previous Spider-Man gas store robbery in Oklahoma City in August, although that assailant packed a gun rather than a sword.

As a detective tells WQAD, “If anyone comes to your business with a mask on, you probably know they’re in there for no good, even on Halloween.”

A worker at a nearby gas station tells WQAD its policy is to tell masked customers to take them off or they’ll call the cops.

Clerk describes fear of machete-wielding Spiderman [WQAD via Huffington Post]

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