Broom-Wielding Convenience Store Clerk Foils Sword-Packing Spider-Man Robbery Attempt

If you happen to be working as a clerk at a convenience store and aren’t sure whether or not the guy causing havoc at the counter is the real Spider-Man, check and see if he’s got a sword. Police say a North Carolina clerk confronted a ponytailed, Spidey-masked robber armed with a sword and managed to stop the heist by beating him down with a broom.

WECT reports a colleague joined the broom-handling clerk in fighting the Spider-Man impersonator, who escaped to a nearby residence, where he was later arrested. Authorities say the man had shaved off his ponytail but couldn’t hide the bumps from the broom bashing.

The suspect is not believed to be connected to a rash of robberies in the area committed by a Spider-Man-masked assailant who is shaking down stores for money and cigarettes.

Spiderman robber beaten by broom, arrested [WECT via Huffington Post]

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