Max From Blue Tax Responds To Worst Ad Nomination

In the two years we’ve been running the Worst Ad In America awards, we’ve received responses from nominated companies that ranged from the defensive to “it wasn’t us.” But this is the first time we’ve actually received a response from an animated character.

After finding out he was nominated in the Most Irritating Animated Character category, Max, the squeaky-voiced, left-handed spokesthing for Blue Tax released the following statement to Consumerist:

I am shocked and touched to hear that I have been nominated for the most incredibly annoying animated spokesperson. As the only animated human in this year’s category, I would encourage the voting public not to hold any ill will toward my fellow nominees for their inability to walk upright and/or give live birth. I recently met the pigeon, fox, and termite at a pre-awards dinner and all three could not have been nicer. I wish my fellow nominees the best of luck and am forever grateful to be nominated. Yippee!!

Voting is still open, so if you haven’t voiced your opinions, do so in the polls below!

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