Quiznos Responds To Worst Ad In America Nomination

Among the five aggravating ads duking it out for in the battle royale that is Consumerist’s first ever Worst Ad In America Awards, is the “Singimals” campaign by sandwich shop Quiznos. Surprisingly, the sandwich company actually responded to our request for a comment on their inclusion.

Here’s what a rep for Quiznos had to say:

Quiznos has a history of edgy advertising and is not afraid to make a bold statement. It’s very important for a message like Quiznos tremendous value menu of $5, $4, $3 menu choices to break through. The Singimals Cats commercial attracted millions of fans who continue to enjoy the craveable tastes of Quiznos at a great value.

Rather than embed the clip, we’ll just link the YouTube video and let you decide if you want to watch it.

In the meantime, voting is still open in all 6 WAIA 2010 categories, so if you haven’t had your say yet, here’s your chance:

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