Enjoy Your Last Weekend Of $1 Redbox Rentals

The era of $1-per-night movie rentals was too sweet to last into November. Perhaps seeing some opportunity to up profits in the wake of Netflix’s bumbling, Redbox announced its nightly DVD rental rate will rise to $1.20 on Monday. For now, Blu-rays will stick at $1.50 and video games will remain $2 per night.

Engadget reports Redbox has momentum, with its share of the disc rental market having grown from 24.4 percent to 34.7 percent in the span of a year.

The increase of 20 cents may seem paltry, but for regular users the 20 percent hike will add up over time, especially because Netflix disc plan exiles will probably rely on Redbox more frequently.

Redbox’s $1 per night DVD rentals jump to $1.20 October 31st, Blu-ray and games stay the same [Engadget]

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