What Wall Street Did To Earn The Ire Of Those Occupying It

If you need a catchup-slash-refresher on why those folks down at Occupy Wall Street are so mad at the street they’re occupying, ProPublica has put together a nice juicy primer.

It’s got all your favorite hits, oldies but goodies like ex-Angelo “Orange Crush” Mozilo being accused of misleading investors about how the company makes mortgages, Goldman Sachs securitizing garbage mortgages and selling them to pension funds, and hedge fund Magnetar working hand in hand with banks to create collateralized debt obligations bursting with the lowest quality mortgage to virtually guarantee that they would fail and then buying credit default swaps to bet they would.

All that and more, plus special “where are they now” callouts for all the players so you can see what they’ve all gotten up to since exiting the spotlight.

Order today and you’ll get this special limited edition collector’s Washington Mutual paper weight. It’s made out of a pile of junk mortgages that have been glued around a depleted uranium bullet.

Cheat Sheet: What’s Happened to the Big Players in the Financial Crisis [ProPublica]

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