Changing Over Chipotle Signs To Show Pork In Pinto Beans Will Take A Few Months

In late July, Chipotle garnered kudos after CEO Steve Ells called up a fan who had been Tweeting his displeasure at discovering that Chipotle’s pinto beans were cooked with pork. Ells pledged that the burrito chain would change all its menu boards to reflect the pork content. A few months later I walked into a Chipotle in Midtown and noticed their sign hadn’t changed.


I ordered a steak burrito with pinto beans. The counter staff didn’t point out they were cooked with pork. When I asked if the beans were cooked with pork, the server told me they were.

While pinto beans are often cooked with pork for flavor, there are some folks who for religious or dietary reasons can’t eat pork. Finding out that they had accidentally eaten some pork could come as an unwelcome surprise.

Reader Brian wrote in to say he also noticed there was no notice in his local Chipotle either. “I eat at Chipotle quite often and I notice that the employees still do not tell people that the pinto beans contain bacon. The menu boards are still not updated. There is no temporary signage up in the restaurant in which I was eating,” he wrote. This was troubling to him because the original story, “revealed a major systemic failure of a major food retailer’s ingredient disclosure practices which affected all of their kosher, halal, and vegetarian/vegan customers.”

Reached for comment, a Chipotle spokesperson said “the process will take many months to complete.” Chipotle didn’t have any statistics available on how many of their franchises had completed the signage transition.

Tweets Get Chipotle To Change Menus To Show Pinto Beans Cooked With Bacon

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