Man In "ZZ Top Beard" Tries To Rob 2 Banks In 10 Minutes

A man sporting a “ZZ Top” style beard is wanted in Philadelphia after he robbed two different banks in 10 minutes.

CBS Philly reports the robberies occurred Monday afternoon. The man who is suspected of attempting the robberies entered the bank wearing a beard and passed a note to the teller telling them to give him money.

The teller didn’t cooperate, probably because the would-be robber looked ridiculous, and the man ran away. Ten minutes later, he entered a second bank and did the same thing again. This time, the teller did go along and gave him cash.

Police say they are looking for a white male between 25 and 30, nearly 6 feet tall and about 150-170 pounds. He has an average build, police say, and was last seen sporting a green jacket, ski cap, and a long fake beard that covered his face. No information was available as to whether he could also be heard singing “Just Got Paid!”

Same Suspect Sought In Two Wilmington Bank Robberies [CBS Philly]

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