Time Warner Cable Admits To Screwing Up Thousands Of Bills This Summer

An Ohio woman was downright ticked-off when she picked up her cable bill in August, only to find that her invoice for the phone, internet and cable bundle had jumped from $89.95/month to $179. And it looks like she wasn’t the only one.

The woman tells Clevand’s News Channel 5 that she had locked in the $89.95 rate for three years when she signed up in Nov. 2009, meaning she had more than a year left before her bill was supposed to increase. And even then, she’d been told that subsequent annual increases would be less than 10%.

But when she called Time Warner Cable to inquire, she says she was told that the promotional offer had been ended early.

“I just want to be treated fairly,” she says. “I’m willing to pay the 10 percent increase, but I just want to be bound by what they originally told me.”

But when News Channel 5 got involved and spoke to folks at TWC HQ, the cable company admitted it was an error and said that around 15,000 bills had been processed inaccurately over this past summer.

The woman’s account was set straight, which is nice and all… but how many of those other 15,000 customers didn’t notice or believed the customer service rep when they were told the promo had simply ended earlier than planned? Not everyone has the time to make a dozen fruitless phone calls and then get the local media involved.

Russell Township woman fights, wins battle over inaccurate Time Warner digital cable bill

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