Man Drives Honda 1 Million Miles

Honda threw a surprise parade for a Maine car owner who became the first ever documented driver to rack up one million miles on the odometer. He did so behind the wheel of his 1990 Accord, which he’s kept running smooth all this time.

The Portland Press Herald reports that the parade included marching bands from the local high school and middle school and the high school’s varsity cheerleaders. Dancers rolled tires up and down the street and lofted oversized photos of the man, Joe LoCicero. A plane flew overhead carrying a banner that said “Way to Go Joe!”

Then Miss Maine USA Ashley Marble delivered Joe his prize: a brand new 2012 Accord, cobalt blue, just like his trusty million-mile-surpassing original car.

“Joe is a testament to what you can do if you maintain your car,” the director of operations for a local auto body shop told the Portland Press Herald. “Thankfully, not many people do it or we’d be out of business.”

The car’s seat belts, steering wheel and upholstery have all been replaced, along with the fuel pump. But the engine and transmission are original.

Joe is an ex-mechanic and he did most of the work on it. His secret to keeping the car alive so long? Following regular maintenance schedules, using only good parts, and obeying the rules for safe driving.

Honda goes the distance: 1 million miles [The Portland Press Herland]

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