If You Can't Figure Out How To Go Green, There's Someone Willing To Do It For You (For A Price)

Having trouble picking up the right brand of eco-friendly dish soap or making your own compost collection? Being green might not come naturally to everyone, but like anything else, it can be bought, with the help of an “eco-concierge.”

The New York Times (of course, right?) has its finger on the pulse of what environmentally-friendly yet clueless consumers are doing to learn how to live a more sustainable life. Clueless and maybe? Dare we say it? A little bit lazy?

They will run your errands by bicycle, recommend a spa that gives vegan manicures or buy organic clothes for you and your dog. They will even book you a dream vacation and buy the appropriate carbon offsets.

The NYT says it’s not just a New York kind of thing, as around six businesses catering to the green-leaning clientele have started around the country.

So if you find you don’t have the energy to drag your old bike out and go to the store to get your own organic apples and cleaning products free of harmful chemicals, just hire someone else to do it. That way you save time and energy, see?

Personal Eco-Concierges Ease Challenges of Going Green [New York Times]

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