Top 10 States With Highest Debt Per Capita

Are you in a state that has saddled its citizens with a big debt load per person? This list tells you. It may surprise you that the state with the highest debt per capita is also the one with the most penny loafers per capita.

The data was put together by State Budget Solutions, which based their rankings on financial reports and income tax rates they got from the Federation of Tax Administrators.

Rank | State | Debt per capita

1. Connecticut $5,402
2. Hawaii $4,755
3. New Jersey $4,217
4. North Dakota $3,181
5. New Mexico $3,144
6. California $3,060
7. Massachusetts $3,040
8. Delaware $3,026
9. Rhode Island $3,000
10. Oregon $2,960

View the raw data spreadsheet here [Google Docs]
Report reveals aggregate state debt exceeds $4 trillion [State Budget Solutions]
10 States With The Highest Debt Per Person: Report [Reuters] (Thanks to Simon!)

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