Measles Outbreak Is Largest In 15 Years

Those who disregard pediatricians’ recommendations and space out their kids’ vaccination schedules may want to consider inoculating their youngsters from measles. The disease is infecting its highest numbers since 1996, spreading to 214 children throughout the country.

According to USA Today, medical experts attribute the disease’s spread to a combination of travel and lack of vaccinations.

An Infectious Diseases Society of America spokesman said the disease could spread more rapidly, and in far higher numbers, among pockets of families who fail to vaccinate their kids. Prior to the start of vaccinations in the 60s, measles infected as many four million people a year, causing 500 deaths. The number of annual cases in recent years was usually lower than 70, but this year has seen a marked increase. The infection is hitting Quebec, Canada even harder, spreading to 757 patients as of earlier this month.

Unvaccinated behind largest U.S. measles outbreak in years [USA Today]

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