Measles Outbreak Linked To Lack Of Vaccinations Grows In Minnesota

Dozens of people in Minnesota have been diagnosed with measles in recent weeks, leading health officials to consider imposing a mandatory isolation and quarantine order on some people who have been exposed.  [More]


Washington Woman Is First U.S. Measles Death In More Than A Decade

Last year’s measles outbreak was dubbed the worst in the U.S. in 14 years, with 288 cases of the potentially deadly infection popping up in 18 states, but no one died. Similarly, the more recent measles cases at Disneyland and in Las Vegas raised awareness of the disease’s return but left everyone involved alive. Now health officials in Washington state are saying the pneumonia death of a woman there is believed the be the first measles-related fatality in the U.S. in a dozen years. [More]


California Health Dept. Close To Declaring Measles Outbreak Linked To Disneyland Officially Over

A few months after Disneyland officials warned unvaccinated people to stay away amid a measles outbreak that was traced back to the park, the California Department of Public Health says it’s preparing to announce the end of the outbreak tomorrow, barring any new cases. [More]


Health Officials: Three People Contracted Measles From Contagious Restaurant Worker In Las Vegas

Disneyland isn’t the only place dealing with measles outbreaks these days, as health officials in Nevada say they believe three new cases of the disease have been linked back to a Las Vegas restaurant worker who was contagious while on the job. [More]


Don’t Have The Measles Vaccine? Stay Away From Disneyland (For Now)

Now that a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland and California Adventure Park has grown to 70 cases, California public health officials are warning people who haven’t yet been vaccinated against the measles to stay away from Disney’s theme parks. [More]


Health Officials Link Measles Outbreak Back To Disneyland, California Adventure Park

Some unlucky visitors to Disneyland and its adjacent California Adventure park have been bringing back more than a pair of mouse ears from vacation, health officials say in California, with a current measles outbreak getting traced back to the theme parks. Yes, people still get measles. [More]

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Current Measles Outbreak The Worst U.S. Has Seen In 14 Years

When I was a young cheese-fed sprout growing up, the measles sounded like one of those awfully scary diseases that only people in history books ever came down with. Because I knew enough to know that getting vaccinated against it meant I likely wouldn’t get it. But measles are all the rage again now, or at least cases are climbing to record highs since the disease was eliminated 14 years ago in the U.S. [More]


Shoppers At Trader Joe’s Pick Up Granola, Cookie Butter, Potentially Measles

Shoppers at the Trader Joe’s store in Framingham, Massachusetts may have picked up more than green olive tapenade during the long President’s Day weekend. The state Department of Public Health reported that a customer who visited the grocery store and a nearby restaurant has a confirmed diagnosis of measles, and people who were there around the same time have been warned to watch for symptoms of the disease in themselves or their families. [More]

Indianapolis Measles Outbreak Traced Back To Super Bowl Village

Bringing in travelers from afar, or even just other cities, has proved that anyone is vulnerable to diseases during large events. And what’s bigger than the Super Bowl? Unfortunately for this year’s host state, Indiana is in the midst of battling a major measles outbreak after the big game between the Giants and the Patriots. [More]

Measles Outbreak Is Largest In 15 Years

Measles Outbreak Is Largest In 15 Years

Those who disregard pediatricians’ recommendations and space out their kids’ vaccination schedules may want to consider inoculating their youngsters from measles. The disease is infecting its highest numbers since 1996, spreading to 214 children throughout the country. [More]