There Are About To Be Even Fewer Cheap Seats On Delta Flights

Earlier this year, Delta introduced Economy Comfort seats that offer more legroom but which come at a higher price. Well it looks like enough people are interested in this option that the airline is adding them on most of its planes.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Delta will be installing the semi-deluxe seats in all 550 of its mainline aircraft and all 250 regional jets that have first class. This means that all of Delta’s international flights and most domestic routes will offer Economy Comfort.


Delta said it will remove a “negligible number” of seats from planes to make room for the three to five rows of the “economy comfort” section — which has the same physical seats but more space between rows. The introductory price to sit in the premium economy section will be $19 to $99 each way on top of the fare. The new section will have about three inches of extra legroom and will come with priority boarding.

Delta frequent fliers of the diamond, platinum, or gold variety won’t have to pay extra to book these seats. Not-as-ritzy Silver elite frequent fliers will get them at a discount or may be able to upgrade for free if there are open seats at check-in.

If you tried the Economy Comfort seats on an international flight and are thinking this might be a good deal for your next domestic flight, be warned that some of the perks associated with the long, international Economy Comfort seats — namely free booze and additional recline — won’t be available on domestic routes.

And for the rest of us who just need to get where we’re going without paying for legroom, Delta’s removal of that “negligible” number of economy seats means that the airline has fewer cheap seats to sell us.

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