There Might Be Fewer Available Seats On Your Next Delta Or United Flight

At least two major U.S. airlines are looking at the possibility of cutting the number of seats offered on flights later this year; a move that could make it more difficult and more expensive for travelers to get to and fro.

Bloomberg reports that Delta Air Lines and United Continental Holdings are mulling the idea of cutting seats later this year over concerns that there is currently an overabundance of available accommodations.

Delta implied during an investor conference on Thursday that it had a “bias” toward reducing seating capacity after the summer months.

The airline’s allusion to a reduction comes just after it announced that passenger revenue from each seat flown a mile would drop more than previously anticipated, Bloomberg reports.

Following Delta’s announcement, United said it would look “very closely” at its available seats for the winter travel season.

An executive of the airline said if it chooses to shrink seating capacity, it may reduce the size of jets on some routes.

Both companies say they will continue to monitor the U.S. economy and competitor’s prices in certain markets before making a decision.

Booking a seat on United, Delta could get tougher—and pricier [Bloomberg]

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