Every Halloween Costume Can Be "Sexy." Every. Single. One.

Every Halloween they come out with another batch of “sexy” costumes. We’ve seen sexy pirate wench outfits for little girls, and sexy Catholic School girl costumes for dogs, but illustrator Jillian Tamaki doesn’t think we’ve gone quite far enough.

In a comic on her site she’s issued a few concept drawings for some new costumes. There’s sexy Alice and sexy Dorothy. Then there’s sexy inflammatory email. Then we go to sexy “Hungry-Man” dinner. And who doesn’t love who’s afraid of sexy Virginia Woolf? Rrow! That’ll spice up the party.

But if all this sexification of everything has got you down, don’t worry. There’s a scintillating costume for that too: sexy inexplicable melancholy.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing some of these pop up on Amazon soon!

Have a Sexy Little Halloween [Jillian Tamaki]

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