Minnesota Company Maybe Never Sold Steve Jobs Those Turtlenecks

The case of Steve Jobs’ iconic mock black turtlenecks keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. After a post on their web site mourning Jobs’ demise while offering to give $20 of every $175 turtleneck of a certain style sold to fight cancer, it now seems the Apple icon might not even have worn garments from the company.

The Smoking Gun digs into the case of the Minnesota company, which furthered the idea that that their sold-out Style 1990 turtleneck was the very same Jobs wore.

Immediately after Jobs’s October 5 death, officials with Knitcraft–which produces the pricey St. Croix clothing line–claimed that Jobs religiously wore its $175 mock turtleneck, which they refer to as “Style 1990.” In fact, Knitcraft founder Bernhard Brenner even claimed that Jobs purchased two dozen turtlenecks annually and would occasionally call him to say how much he liked the St. Croix garment. “Obviously we’re going to miss Steven Jobs as a customer,” said the 72-year-old Brenner.

Oh but then there’s the problem of an upcoming biography of Jobs, which asserts that his signature look was made for him by his designer friend, Issey Miyake.

The site formerly stated that Jobs was a “great innovator and fan of St. Croix.” They’ve removed that phrase, but still have a picture of Jobs up set inside one of a man wearing a similar shirt.

Even if they’re donating to charity, it’s a pretty scummy thing to profit off a man’s death in order to sell some ridiculously expensive shirts.

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