Everyone Wants One Of Those $175 Steve Jobs Mock Turtlenecks

When one thinks of Steve Jobs, the image of the great Apple innovator in a black, long-sleeved mock turtleneck probably comes to mind. In a sign of the man’s impact on, well, everyone, sales of that same shirt more than doubled in the day after his death.

The company who makes them, St. Croix in Minnesota, saw a big uptick in the sales of those $175 (yes, $175) microfiber garments Jobs was so fond of, was so often seen wearing, reports Gawker.

Some stores have even run out of their stock of the prized items, and the classic black option is unavailable on the company’s site until Oct. 21.

In order to maybe not seem so much like they’re profiting off Jobs’ demise, the company says on its homepage that they will give $20 to the American Cancer Society for every shirt sold.

There’s a Run on the Steve Jobs Turtleneck [Gawker]

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