After Getting Slammed, Keurig Promises To Find Recyclable Versions Of K-Cups

Keurig’s single-use coffee pods might be convenient, but they can’t be recycled. Clean Water Action is calling on them to clean up their act, and Keurig has promised to try really hard.

“Our concern is that they are not recyclable,” Cindy Luppi of Clean Water Action told CBSDFW. “That means they end up in the landfills and incinerators, and impact our health. The emissions end up in the air we breathe and the water we drink.”

Following the criticism, Keurig posted a pledge on its website to really give it the old college try:

Reducing the environmental impact of our packaging materials and brewing systems is a top priority for Keurig. It is a challenge to create a portion pack that is recyclable and delivers an extraordinary cup of coffee; however, Keurig is actively working to meet this challenge head on.

The K-Cup® package is made up of three main elements — the cup itself, a filter and an aluminum foil top. The polyethylene coating of the foil – as well as the process of heat-sealing the various elements – makes recycling difficult.

The portion pack composition prevents oxygen, light and moisture from degrading the coffee. Without the barrier the packaging materials provide, we could not maintain quality or freshness.

The company’s statement suggests that if you want fresh pod coffee, you’re going to have to put up with special un-recyclable materials for now. You could also get your beans ground and use a french press and not have to worry about creating waste that can’t be recycled.

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