Are San Francisco Restaurants Actually Pushing To Make 25% The Standard Tip?

Earlier this week, a writer for the San Jose Mercury News posted a story claiming that wait staff and high-end restaurants in San Francisco are behind a move to make 25% tips standard across the city. But is this actually true or just hype?

As the San Francisco Chronicle points out, the Mercury News story only cites “media sources,” but no actual statements from these sources, though there are many quotes from outraged diners.

He also doesn’t explain how the 25% standard would be enforced. Would this be legislated? Or would a group of restaurants get together and agree to making 25% tips mandatory on all their checks?

Writes the Chronicle:

Inside Scoop has reached out to nearly 20 San Francisco restaurants and not one has heard of said movement. In fact, many of the chefs/operators had a good chuckle upon having the article — err, those two sentences — read to them. Another joked that maybe the East Bay paper is trying to drum up support for East Bay restaurants.

It could also just be someone trying to ride the wave of the recent Zagat survey that named San Francisco the worst city for restaurant tipping.

Since we’re almost all based out here in New York, we’d love to hear from anyone in the SF restaurant business as to whether or not they’ve heard of any actual movement to make the 25% standard.

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