Female-Only Hotel Floors Make A Comeback

A relic of the mid-20th century, women-only hotel floors seem to be on the rise. Depending on the hotel, the rooms tend to offer upgraded amenities meant to cater to female business travelers. A Washington, D.C. hotel that offers such floors connects guests to female networking events.

According to MSNBC, the trend is spreading, showing up in Denmark and Canada, as well as New York City’s Premier Hotel, and Crowne Plaza hotels in Washington, D.C., and Minnesota. The story says female-only floors also started to pop up about 10 years ago, but fizzled out partly because the rooms weren’t in tune with what customers wanted.

Says an Atlanta traveler who often stays on a female-only floor at a Minnesota hotel, “I can put on a bathrobe and go out there and grab a snack and it is fine because you know you won’t run into a guy. And it is kind of pretty.”

No boys allowed: More hotels offering women-only floors [MSNBC]

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