Worst Ad In America Voting Open Until Sunday @ 5 pm ET

UPDATE: Polls have now closed. Results will be announced Monday. Thanks to everyone who voted!
More than 100,000 votes have already been counted in this year’s Worst Ad In America awards but some of the races are still separated by less than 1%. So make sure to get your votes in now — or forever hit your fast-forward button!



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  1. bdcw says:

    So. hard. to. choose.

  2. TrinityLast says:

    Hard for all but the last one – the sexist crap of commercials is making a comeback and I’m not happy about it.

  3. Stevestr80020 says:

    A lot of these were close calls. As for the last one, how about the commercials where the wife is always so smart and the husband/male is an idiot who can barely walk or do anything.

  4. Thaddeus says:

    The Metamucil Multitask-er seems to be the same woman from the Esuracne staff.



    She is regular AND helps people save money!

    Also, I think I saw her in a dog food commercial too.

    • Thaddeus says:

      AH! Milos dog treats!

      Also…. 1800 Dentist too…

      Annnnnnnnnnnd I look crazy now.

      • eldergias says:

        I am currently laughing while typing this because: yes you do look crazy. However, you are correct, that is her in all those commercials. I thought it might be her in the first two before, but I didn’t remember the other two.

        Here is a little game I like to play with myself: all characters of one actor are always the same character, but just different points in their life. It’s a fun game, trying to figure out the continuity of the character’s life. Some character’s require time travel or cryogenics to explain how they move about different eras in time (Like Conan the Barbarian, to Kindergarten Cop, to Terminator). The toughest one I faced was explaining the continuity of Doc Brown in the Direct TV commercial with Doc Brown in Back to the Future. My explanation is that he had a mild stroke when the lightning hit him and had a delusion of him saying all that gibberish about Direct TV. Then when he came out of his delusion, he went on to found Direct TV (Just like the delusion he had when slipping and hitting his head caused him to invent the flux capacitor).

        Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnd now I look crazy.

      • "I Like Potatoes" says:

        Whoop, whoop, whoop…creepy stalker alert

      • Dont lump me into your 99%! says:

        Something about her eyes just draw you in! She is probably my favorite person on commercials, she does not look like a super model, but has a beautiful aurora to her I think.

  5. eldergias says:

    Hmm, I was unaware that a vagina was the “center of civilization.” Why hasn’t the history channel had a special on that? I would watch it.

    Also, for a while now I have said the “Poop there it is” commercial was the worst commercial on TV. I mean come on, they are rating and having a contest for babies’ ability to shit themselves.

    Finally, for the AT&T commercial. That man should really leave his wife. If something as simple as “I changed our cell phone plan” elicits the idea that they shouldn’t have gotten married, they shouldn’t be together in the first place. She couldn’t be a reasonable person to all of two seconds to ask how much it cost? No, no that is asking to much of her. Sir, you could do better than her.

    And yes, I realize the are all just commercials, but I enjoy deconstructing them.

  6. Luckie says:

    Oh. My. God. That “Hail to the V” commercial totally gave me the creeps. I’m glad I’m alone because I was totally making the horrified cringing face. If I did use their products, that commercial would make me stop.

  7. jennesy says:

    SO glad that I have a TiVo. But even still, I’ve encountered a few of these commercials, namely the “major medical, boyyyyeee” pigeon. OMG that will NOT get out of my head!

    • dangermike says:

      With the knowledge that the extensive search for new vocal talent after the ejection of Gilbert Gottfried resulted in the selection of the company’s CEO to fill the role, I have less faith than ever that they are a competently run company. A good executive knows when to stay out of the way of specialized talent. Advertising is one of those cases where it is almost always necessary.

  8. andi_bird says:

    Love this topic…. I wish Consumerist would have a vote on commercials that are so BAD consumers refuse to buy their products.
    For me, a very partial list of products I boycott because I hate their commercials so much:

    Activia yogurt
    Progressive Insurance
    Empire Carpet Cleaners
    Progresso Soup
    Stanley Steemer Rug Cleaners
    Farmer’s Insurance
    Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

  9. vivalakellye says:

    Branding-wise, Montel, Claire Danes, and Jamie Lee Curtis are perfect for the roles they’re playing. Don’t understand how having Hulk Hogan and Troy Aikman in a commercial would convince the husband AND the wife to get a TV, though.