FBI Arrests Man Accused Of Hacking Celebrity Emails

A certain Scarlett Johansson photo you may have read about but certainly didn’t check out yourself is part of a federal investigation that resulted in the arrest of a 35-year-old Florida man who is accused of hacking into online accounts of various celebrities.

CNN reports the suspect is accused of violating the privacy of more than 50 people, including several celebrities, swiping private movie scripts, financial info, pictures and conversations. Feds say the man was able to break into the accounts by monitoring celebrities via social networking accounts and other sites. The man was able to cobble together leads by identifying usernames and password clues from the celebrities’ activity. Once he allegedly broke into one celebrity’s email account, he would dig up information and contacts that led to more accounts.

At U.S. District Court in Jacksonville, Fla., he was indicted on charges of computer hacking for gain, aggravated identify theft and illegal wiretapping. He was released on bond and is forbidden from using any devices with online access.

FBI makes arrest after Johansson, Aguilera e-mails hacked [CNN]

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