Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak Death Toll Now Tied With 1998 Incident

The recent national outbreak of listeria has now upped its death toll to 21, and Federal health officials are warning that those numbers may grow. It’s currently tied with another health scare for the deadliest our country has seen in years.

Time cites a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which says new deaths in Indiana and New York related to tainted cantaloupes make this outbreak just as bad as a 1998 listeria scare from hot dogs and deli meats, which also caused 21 deaths. This wave of listeria illness has also sickened 109 people.

Even worse news is that the fatalities from this outbreak are expected to grow, as symptoms can take up to two months to present themselves in victims. Symptoms include fever and muscle aches, often with other gastrointestinal symptoms.

The last cases of tainted cantaloupes from Jensen Farms in Colorado should be off shelves, as they shipped Sept. 10 and have a two-week shelf life.

Do not eat any cantaloupes labeled “Colorado Grown,” ”Distributed by Frontera Produce,” ”” or “Sweet Rocky Fords.” If you’re not sure or there’s no sticker, don’t eat it.

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