How Do I Stop The Mice From Sneaking Into My Honda Pilot?

Jennifer’s brother’s family loves their 2006 Honda Pilot. But there’s a bit of a problem. Mice also love it. And if you check around, there’s a bunch of other Honda Pilot owners complaining about mice infestations. How do you keep the mice out?

A mouse in the car can make for a startling stowaway. “Recently my sister in law was driving home from the grocery store and my 4 year old niece started screaming from the back seat.,” writes Jennifer. “My sister-in-law turned around to see a mouse sitting on my niece’s head. My sister in law has had mice scamper across her feet several times while driving the car.”

Jennifer’s brother has called two different Honda dealers and a Honda’s consumer affairs line who said they had never heard of the issue. However, Google has.

If you check around, there’s several different bloggers and message boards with Honda Pilot owners complaining about mice infestations. Some of the mice seem to enjoy making nests inside the blower/fan area.

Several different owners say they had luck keeping the mice out after epoxying metal screen over recirculation vent. So Jennifer, perhaps your brother can give that a try. He’ll also want to check out the cowling cover, which can be loose on Honda Pilots and leave gaps where critters can get in.

Others have also had luck building a short aluminum barrier to keep around the perimeter of their car in the garage, a car corral of sorts.

Mice love warm areas and a cozy ride and can wind up in all sorts of cars, not just Honda Pilots. So if your car isn’t a Pilot and you’re having a mouse problem, you would also want to search around for apertures in the car you should get screened off to prevent them from coming in.

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