Residents Of Milwaukee Suburb Told To Boil Bacteria-Plagued Water

Those who live in 14,000-strong Greendale, Wis. have to make like campers sustaining themselves from a creek and boil all their water until further notice. The town’s officials said in a statement that coliform bacteria were found in the water supply last week, and the tap water is no longer good for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth or washing hands.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports failure to heed the guidelines could result in “diarrhea, cramps, nausea, yellowing of the eyes and skin and headaches or fatigue.” One must imagine that many of these symptoms were also found in Arizona Diamondback fans who suffered through the team’s pitiful performance in the first two games of the National League Division Series against the Brewers.

The area’s schools will remain open as the town utility’s officials try to clean up the water supply. The town is providing free bottled water for residents.

Greendale schools remain open during boil advisory [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

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