AT&T Starts Warning Potential Throttle-ees

AT&T customers have known for months that the cell phone provider would start throttling the top 5 percent of data users on unlimited plans, and now the prospect has come closer to reality. AT&T has been sending text messages to data hogs warning them that their service could soon be slowed and advising them to escape the punishment by using WiFi more often.

According to Wired, the message reads:

Your data use this month places you in the top 5% of users. Use Wi-Fi to help avoid reduced speeds. Visit or call 8663447584.

Those AT&T is warning have the chance to escape their prospective throttlings before AT&T levels the punishment. With T-Mobile and Verizon also joining the throttling parade, Sprint is now the only major provider that offers unlimited data without throttling top users.

AT&T Begins Sending Throttling Warnings to Top Data Hogs [Wired]

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