Fox Business Network Anchor Takes Scissors To Bank Of America Debit Card On Air

The backlash against Bank of America’s decision to charge a $5 monthly fee to some customers who use debit cards to make purchases continues, with Fox Business Network’s Gerri Willis taking a pair of scissors to her BofA debit card in the middle of an on-air report.

Of course, we have absolutely no way of knowing if the card Willis snipped in half was actually a Bank of America card. For all we know it could just be an old Borders gift card. Regardless, it is fun to watch, if only for how she attempts to make it seem spontaneous by calling out for her purse, which just happens to be at the ready, along with a pair of scissors.

And now that Andy Rooney has retired from on-air ranting, it’s good to hear someone under the age of 90 pining for the days when banks gave out toasters to new customers.

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