Utah Movie Theater Fined For Showing Hangover II

There are a number of theaters across the country that like to combine movie-showing with beer-drinking and as long as all the patrons are of legal drinking age, there are usually no issues about what’s being shown on screen. But the state of Utah has decided that if you show a movie featuring naked bodies, that makes your business answerable to the same rules governing strip clubs — and subject to thousands of dollars in fines.

This is the lesson learned by Brewvies, a movie theater that serves booze — it even recently got a license to serve stronger stuff than the usual watered-down Utah beer — and dared to show that scandalously erotic bit of smut known as The Hangover II.

According to the state, by serving alcohol and showing a film that contains any of the following — sex acts, full-frontal nudity, caressing of breasts or buttocks — it is violating state laws that forbids nudity and booze under the same roof.

Thus, Brewvies was fined $1,627 — $400 more than a Salt Lake City restaurant was recently fined for serving alcohol to a minor — for its first offense but could face fines up to $25,000 and risk the temporary loss of its liquor license if it doesn’t stick to movies without boobs.

Even one of the state’s liquor commissioners couldn’t understand the fine. “I’m struggling with the concept that an adult beverage may be served but an adult movie cannot be shown at the same time,” commissioner Constance White tells the Salt Lake Tribune.

Apparently this all came about as the result of sour grapes from a nearby strip club that complained to the liquor regulators after it was cited for violations while the movie theater was getting away with showing such raunchy fare as The Hangover II, which is basically the same movie as The Hangover, but with more male genitalia.

As for The Hangover III, we suggest setting it in Salt Lake City, where the Wolf Pack can have a mild night of good-natured fun and get back to their hotel in time to get a solid night’s sleep.

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