The Drive-Thru Flu Shot

In a continuing trend, health care professionals are once again this year offering drive-thru flu vaccines. Oh, you hadn’t heard? Yep, you can drive right up, stick out your arm, and get a flu shot, all without ever having to leave your car.

Most of the clinics seem to be setting up temporary stations in various parking lots. Nurses come to your car door to inject the vaccine and take care of paperwork.

Hey, we’ve got drive-thru lawyers, chapels, and liquor stores, so why not drive-thru flu shots? It’s the McDonaldification of America.

In fact, there’s a lot of things that would be better with a drive-thru window. Like voting booths, post offices, and men’s clothing stores. Just pull up, give ’em your measurements, and say you want a 3-pack of Hanes, a white dress shirt, and a couple of black dress socks. Perfect for those times you just need to refresh your basics without getting sucked into a mall vortex. And if you’ve fallen behind at the gym, you can always ask for your order to be supersized.

But in all seriousness, the drive-thru clinic is a good idea. There’s no waiting in the doctor’s office. The convenience will encourage more people to get the shot and not get themselves, or others, sick from the flu this fall and winter. Just don’t expect to be able get fries with that.

Drive-thru flu shot clinics planned [WNEM] (Thanks to Harper!)

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