Watch Out For Camera Lens Thieves

You might think that it’s safe to walk around as a tourist with your big fancy SLR or DSLR camera as long as the strap is around your neck. But who needs the whole camera when the lens itself is worth a bunch of coin? That quick-release button means it’s easy on, easy off, and easy to miss the pickpocketing if you’re distracted. The BBC’s The Real Hustle shows how the con goes down.

In the video, a man approaches a tourist with a nice camera and asks for map directions. The mark opens the map and holds it at arm level. While the map covers the top of the camera, the thief sneaks under and lightly unhinges the lens and pockets it. Sneaky.

When out and about, be mindful of not just the camera strap around your neck, also keep track of the lens on the camera body.

Lens thieves ruin the day [pixiq] (Thanks to Chuck!)

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