The D90.

Nikon Fixes One Problem With My Camera, May Have Caused Another

Nikon says that Max’s camera has “evidence of physical damage.” That’s all very well and good, but the shutter problems caused by the alleged damage happened sometime between when the camera’s flash issues were repaired at Nikon and Max took it out of the box when it came back. He pressed the shutter to take a picture, and it jammed. It wasn’t jammed before he sent it in. Nikon wants a fee to repair this damage, which would be no problem for Max if he had actually caused it. He says he didn’t. [More]

Watch Out For Camera Lens Thieves

Watch Out For Camera Lens Thieves

You might think that it’s safe to walk around as a tourist with your big fancy SLR or DSLR camera as long as the strap is around your neck. But who needs the whole camera when the lens itself is worth a bunch of coin? That quick-release button means it’s easy on, easy off, and easy to miss the pickpocketing if you’re distracted. The BBC’s The Real Hustle shows how the con goes down. [More]

Morning Deals Round Up

• In places in the midwest, there is an almost religious respect given to the mighty Chipotle. We suspect it is not that their burritos are so excellent, although they are certainly good, but that in our fast food nation, food that actually uses fresh vegetables should be cherished. Chipotle is running a promotion that will probably make the college boys go even wilder: Buy a $5 gift card between now and the 11th, bring the receipt back between the 12th and 14th, and receive a free burrito. Value! [via SlickDeals]