Why It's Better To Need Less Than Have More

Pulling in a monster paycheck that’s so big you’re embarrassed to tell your friends is not necessarily a sign that you’re rich. Living expenses and other budgetary commitments can shrink a large income down to size, making some bogged-down “rich” people relatively less wealthy than middle-classers who make smart plays.

In a manifesto-like post, Budgets Are Sexy explains why he sees financial freedom as more a product on how little you shackle yourself on the cost side rather than how much you pump yourself up on the earning side. Shedding regular expenses rather than obsessing over scrounging up more money makes your lifestyle more sustainable, and probably less stressful as well.

As the post author puts it:

Re-focusing your thought process on the bare minimum needed given your current lifestyle, and seeing if any revelations come to mind as far as the way your financial game plan is set up. Can you imagine your life w/out a car loan or mortgage? How much LESS money would you need every day to live the same way you’re already accustomed to living? It may not be the most earth-shattering idea outta me, but I can tell you I’m pretty pumped about it right now 🙂

I Wanna Need LESS Money, Not More [Budgets Are Sexy]