Three Reasons To Go Android, And One To Keep You On The iPad

The iPad will dominate tablet sales until 2014, according to a new report from research firm Gartner. But Android models will take about 17% of the market this year, and there are a few reasons to consider one, according to our computer-savvy cousins at Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports took a look at some new Android tablets, and put together some advice on picking up the right model:

Advantage Android:
Size: Android is available on 7-inch tablets, which are easier to carry
Flash: Consider Android if you watch a lot of Internet video
Data: Android tablets usually have memory-card slots and some have USB ports

Advantage iPad:

Apps: Android’s catching up but there are still more choices for the iPad.

The iPad still tops Consumer Reports’ ratings, and the organization says that none of the new Android models they’ve reviewed “rose to the challenge that the iPad continues to present to its competitors.”

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Gartner: Apple iPad Will Be Top Tablet Through 2014 [The Washington Post]

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