Amazon Realizes Fainting Workers Are Not Effective Employees, Installs Air Conditioners At Warehouses

After a summer in which upward of 15 warehouse employees passed out from heat exhaustion in a single day at one Pennsylvania warehouse, the folks at Amazon have realized this may not be the most effective way of maintaining a workforce and has recently spent millions to install air-conditioning units at four facilities in the Keystone State.

Amazon says that, following the numerous complaints of triple-digit temperatures in the warehouse, not to mention an OSHA investigation and formal complaints from a local emergency room doctor, it laid out $2.4 million to install industrial air conditioning units in four of its distribution centers.

In the original Allentown Morning Call story about the conditions inside a local warehouse, workers said they had asked managers to at least consider keeping open delivery dock doors on opposing sides of the building to encourage cross-ventilation but were told by management that this couldn’t be done because of theft concerns.

Amazon air conditions centers after criticism []

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