DirecTV Promises No Extra Fees, Then Charges $10 Monthly Fee

After a recent move, Vincent signed up with DirecTV for his television-beaming needs. A sales representative quoted him a price, then assured him that no, there would be no extra fees on top of that. No one will be surprised at what happened next: a $10 per month HD fee appeared on his monthly bill. The person who originally signed him up refunded the fee and called it an “error.” But it didn’t go away with his next bill. Or ever.

I decided to get a quote with DirecTV (in the hopes for football returning), although I have always used cable companies before. When I called to get a price on the satellite service, DirecTV quoted me at $41.99 per month for the first 12 months. I liked this price, even though it was slightly higher than Dish Network. Before signing up, I was very thorough to ask if there were any other fees or charges. I was assured there were not. Before I even received my first statement, I went online and noticed an extra $10 charge for HD Access. So I called back the lady (M.) who signed me up and asked about the discrepancy. She told me it was a DirecTV error, credited me the $10, and said the problem would be fixed on future statements.

Next statement arrives with the same problem. So I call DirecTV directly, get to a supervisor, who informs me that free HD access is only for those enrolled in Auto Bill Pay. After arguing that I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the price stated when I entered into an agreement with DirecTV, I succumbed and agreed to sign up with auto-billpay when my fiancee got home. The supervisor didn’t want to give me her number, so she scheduled to call me back the next day. She never called. So after waiting 2 days, I just went online and signed up for auto-billpay, as the supervisor told me that would eliminate the $10 HD charge.

Next statement arrives, same problem. Again I call, talk to a supervisor, who says he will escalate it to account management since I am enrolled in auto-billpay. Credits my account for that month.

Fourth statement arrives, same problem. Talking to a supervisor (Tracy), I was told that because I didn’t sign up for auto-billpay when I initially signed up for the service, I wasn’t eligible to receive free HD. Now I’m irritated, as the auto-billpay isn’t the issue. But that’s all any DirecTV supervisor can do, just read of a script about auto-billpay. The supervisor said there’s nothing at all she can do since the problem had previously been escalated to account management. More stuff about Auto-billpay. I gave them the name and number of the person I signed up with so they can verify I am suppose to receive free HD. She tells me that it doesn’t matter. I asked to speak to someone higher up, and she says I can only email or write. I ask her for the email address, and she informs me its on the website. I ask her for the address directly, and she refuses to give it to me. She told me there was nothing else that could be done by her. So I sent an email and am waiting to here back.

This is not a good way for DirecTV to treat new customers. I’ve spoken to different supervisors who insist there is nothing they can do. I will try an EECB if I don’t get a response from my email soon. All I want is to be charged to amount I agreed to pay. I don’t think this is too much to ask for. I am absolutely appalled by their customer service, and expressed this to Tracy on my call.

Try complaining about that customer service to company executives, or right to the CEO.

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