Netflix CEO Jokes That Irked Investors May Be Trying To Poison Him

It’s been a downer of a week for Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, whose attempt to soften the blow of deciding to split off his company’s DVD-by-mail division into the questionably named Qwikster was met with much derision and an initial dip in the company’s stock price. But Hastings has either been able to maintain a sense of humor about the situation or he wants the world to know he fears angry investors are out to poison him.

In a posting on his Facebook wall, Hastings writes, “In Wyoming with 10 investors at a ranch/retreat. I think I might need a food taster. I can hardly blame them.”

Interesting that he chose to post this on Facebook, the company whose head-scratching design overhaul may have ultimately overshadowed Hasting’s Qwikster announcement.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Still Has a Sense of Humor… [Hacking Netflix]

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