Federal Prosecutor Is Latest Credit Card Skimming Victim

ATM credit card skimming has gotten so pervasive that thieves managed to snag the digits of U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, a federal prosecutor, and lift $1,000 from her bank account.

“I, of all people, knew better,” Durkan told KING5. She said she was in a rush and didn’t check the machine like she usually does, even though she noticed before entering the bank that the door lock appeared to have been tampered with.

Durkan recommends that ATM users give their surroundings a once-over before inserting their cards. Look for loose parts, tug on the card slot, and see if there are any pinholes or mirrors that could conceal a hidden camera. She also says to cover the keypad with your hand when you enter your PIN, even if no one is standing behind you.

“When it happens to you…you really feel victimized and you think, ‘Boy, I wish I’d been smarter that time,'” she told KING5.

Washington’s top law enforcer victim of new crime trend [KING5] (Thanks to Kuroda!)

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