Walmart Shopper Borrows Electric Shopping Cart For 11 Days, Uses It Like A Car

You know those electric shopping carts you can use while shopping at Walmart? Then you likely also know that you’re supposed to return the cart when you are done shopping. You’re certainly not supposed to keep it for 11 days until you get ticketed by police for driving it down a public road.

But this was apparently all news to a woman in upstate New York, who was stopped by police after the cops spotted her cruising the streets of her town in a Walmart shopping cart she’d used 11 days earlier and never returned.

According to the Post-Standard, the woman told police she’d left with the $1,000 cart because her back hurt but she intended to eventually return it to the store, which, if our Google mapping is accurate, is less than one mile down the road from where she was stopped by police.

Even so, she was ticketed and charged with misdemeanor petit larceny.

Once again, a news story made us think about a Seinfeld episode:

Fulton woman accused of taking electric shopping cart from Walmart []

Thanks to Ronald for the tip!

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