Use iTunes Feature To Get Rid Of Awful Music You Shouldn't Have Downloaded

When you’re listening to your music collection, it’s easy to get annoyed with yourself for stuffing so many terrible songs that you once liked for some inexplicable reason. Apple knows you all too well, and has provided a feature that helps you shed the chaff.

Macworld points out how accessing Last Skipped can improve your musical life. Here are the steps:

*Click on the iTunes header and choose Last Skipped. You’ll see a list of skipped songs along with timestamps of the last time you skipped them.

*Right click on the skipped song, then click on Skips to get the number of times you’ve skipped it.

*You can use the info to create a Smart Playlist and set the condition that songs that have been skipped a certain number of times won’t make the cut.

The point of iTunes’ Skip feature [Macworld via Lifehacker]

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