Science Tells You How To Book So You Avoid Airport Delays And Missed Flights


Harvard and MIT scientists have used statistical modeling techniques and figured out what are the best things you can do to avoid airport delays and missed connections.

Using their fancy brain science, detailed in the working paper “Modeling Passenger Travel and Delays in the National Air Transportation System,” the researchers found doing the following will reduce the likelihood of experiencing disruptions to your air travel plans:

* Avoid using regional airports
* Use a low-cost airline
* Avoid connecting through O’Hare, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, and Dallas/Fort Worth – 40% of all domestic passengers flying through there missed connections
* Get an early flight
* Fly an airline offering more flights to your destination

Thank you, eggheads, for confirming what most road warriors know from experience.

Improving Fairness in Flight Delays [Harvard Business School]

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