When Asked If They Care About The Customer, AT&T Rep Allegedly Curses Customer Off

After trying several times to get through to customer service to get her bill adjusted, reader C was finally connected to the right department. Problem was that no one was talking to her, but she could hear their personal conversations in the background. She then asked loudly through the receiver “Does anyone at AT&T care about the customer?” Allegedly, she heard back “**** you,” a laugh, and someone saying, “she can call all she wants, she’ll never get through.”

C writes:

AT&T DSL was not meeting customer service levels advertised, I called to complain and after hours discussing it, finally it was agreed that I would get ATT U-Verse at the same price for a year. I kept receiving bills from the DSL service showing a credit, in the mean time ATT was sending the Uverse bills to my ATT email with out my permission or knowledge. They finally billed me via snail mail when it was overdue and with the incorrect amount!.

I tried to call Monday for an hour and a half to get the right department.. After being put on hold and disconnected multiple times I gave up;.

I called again today and was finally put through to the correct department”. I was disconnected, again.. I didn’t notice, but it was close to 5 PM”. I called again and got through this time, the call went to the correct department and I could hear people in the background having personal conversations/. I was so frustrated I waited and waited saying ‘hello’, finally I said, I hope this call is being recorded.

Then, I said ‘Does anyone at AT&T care about the customer?” To which I heard a “*** you”, a laugh, and “she can call all she wants she’ll never get through”. I stayed on the line a few more minutes – STUNNED. I hung up and called again, it was after five and there is no more service!

I went online and tried to email them, as they repeatedly request I do while on hold. I cannot email regarding Uverse internet services!! I have to call the SAME horrible customer service people!!!

I don’t know who to be madder at the people who provide such horrible service at the customer service department or the AT&T Executives who set them up for failure with subpar phone systems (Ironic!) and who understaff their customer service offices.

I am a mid-level manager at a small company; I would be appalled if my team treated our clients this way. But, I hope I would also take a look at myself and see what kind of environment I was creating.

If anyone can tell me who to call to get this bill adjusted I would greatly appreciate it.

This sounds like exactly the kind of quality assurance purposes for which calls are recorded.

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