Man Finds Camera Hidden In Starbucks Bathroom, Doesn't Even Get A Free Coffee For It

A plumber is pissed after finding a camera hidden inside a Starbucks men’s room. First it was the camera, then it was the employees’ blase attitude, then it was the police seizing his laptop. And he didn’t get a thank you from Starbucks for his deed, not even a free coffee.

CTNow reports that when he went to wash his hands in the West Hartford Starbucks bathroom, he couldn’t get any hot water. Going underneath the sink to adjust the valves, he spied the hidden camera, pointed directly at the toilet.

He brought it to the employees’ attention, who told him they were too busy to talk to him. Worried that it would just be thrown away and not taken seriously, the plumber took the camera home to check out its contents. Accessing the memory card, he found shots of men going to the bathroom, including their buttocks, genitals, and faces.

He reported it to the police who took the camera, investigated, and tracked down the man who installed it, who has since been arraigned on 12 counts of voyeurism. Cops also took the tipster’s laptop as evidence, since he had used it to review the pictures on the camera. Now the plumber wants his laptop back. It’s crucial to his business, and neither Starbucks nor the police have been very helpful in returning it. He also wouldn’t mind a free coffee pass for life from Starbucks.

“Here is a guy that does a good deed and Starbucks looks at me like it’s nothing. Not even a phone call. It hurts,” he told The Hartford Courant. “I had a little dream that Starbucks would say, ‘Sir, we really appreciate it,” he said. “Give me a lifetime coffee pass for me and my boys and my girl and a couple of friends.”

Starbucks told The Hartford Courant that it was standard operating procedure for franchises to sweep bathrooms for hidden cameras and they were fully cooperating with police. “It’s something we do on a regular basis,” Starbucks spokesperson Stacey Krum said. “Not everything is going to be identified, but we have certainly given very direct guidance to our store partners and we are taking the right steps making sure all of our stores are safe.”

In the past few months, multiple cameras have been found hidden inside Starbucks bathrooms in California and in Florida.

‘I Was Fuming’: Man Describes Finding Hidden Camera In Starbucks Restroom [CT Now] (Thanks to Doug!)

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