Farmers Insurance 'Totals' Dog After Car Accident

Sasha, a 9-year-old Lab mix in Colorado, was hit by a minivan while walking her human last week. She survived the accident with damage to her liver, lungs, and diaphragm that may require surgery. While her person clearly considers her a family member, the law and the driver’s insurance company see things differently. Injuries to dogs are property damage, and the company “totaled” out the dog. They did not haul her off to a dog junkyard to be used for parts.

When reached by a Denver TV station, a Farmer’s representative said that calling an item “totaled” is industry jargon, and not meant to imply that an injured 9-year–old dog is like a smashed-up 9-year-old Honda Civic. Oh, and that they plan to reimburse the family for future vet care. related to the accident. Yay!

“I’m very sorry about the circumstances, I have a dog, too,” the company representative told ABC7.

Parker Woman: Insurance Co. ‘Totaled’ My Dog [ABC7]

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