Even 12-Year-Olds Are Obsessed With Extreme Couponing

Why start a babysitting club to save money when you can just turn to extreme couponing? Good Morning America met Jessica, 12, whose love of couponing has led to $4,000 in savings for her family over the last three years. Which means… she started at nine.

We learn of the young entrepreneur in GMA‘s profile, and find out it all started when her grandparents gave her a newspaper to check out when she claimed she was bored. Now, she devotes an hour per day to coouponing and keeps all her finds in a binder.

Beyond saving dough for her family, there’s an extra bonus in that she keeps her math skills sharp.

“I’m walking down those store aisles and I’m just looking for that deal… I just get a rush,” she says.

Jessica’s sweet binder of coupons means she never pays full price for anything. And while sure, she heads down the makeup aisle like any other pre-teen, she also has coupons for all other kinds of goods, including grocery items and household goods.

Raise your hand if you feel really lazy.

Girl, 12, Offers Secrets to Find Extra Income [Good Morning America]

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