Researchers Say Dog Waste Bacteria Hovers In Cleveland, Detroit Air

Colorado University researchers say something is in the air in Detroit and Cleveland, and it’s nothing either city can be proud of. Their findings say bacteria found in the air in those cities most closely resembles that which is found in dog poop.

The Denver Post reports the study, published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, says the researchers studied the DNA of bacteria samples from the air of various Midwestern cities, comparing them with a database of bacteria found on leafs, soil, and feces from people, cows and dogs.

The study’s lead researcher, who is concerned about the health implications of bacteria floating around in the air, said the research team has a goal of sampling bacteria samples in other cities around the country and putting together an atlas of airborne bacterial communities.

CU researchers: Bacteria found in dog poop dominates in air over Cleveland and Detroit [Denver Post via Fark]

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