In-N-Out Burger Sues Maryland Burger Joint Over Logo & Menu Items

The lawyers at In-N-Out Burger have a bit of an issue with a Maryland burger shop called Grab-N-Go, claiming that eatery’s name, logo and menu items are a little bit too close to the bigger chain’s trademarks.

In-N-Out, which recently topped a Consumer Reports survey of fast food chains, filed a lawsuit against Grab-N-Go with the U.S. District Court in Baltimore, alleging that the similarities between the two restaurant’s branding and menu could cause confusion among diners.

From the AP:

The suit alleges that Grab-N-Go’s name and color schemes mirror In-N-Out’s signature style. In-N-Out also says that the “Wild Style Burger,” with two beef patties, lettuce, tomato, pickle, grilled onions and “wild” sauce is too close to its proprietary “Animal Style” burger.

In-N-Out seeks a permanent injunction and unspecified damages.

We are now seeking a good burger.

UPDATE: The In-N-Out lawyers have apparently been busy. Consumerist reader Doug send us this story from July about In-N-Out’s similar issue with an Idaho restaurant called Burger Express.

In-N-Out Burger suing Aberdeen, Md., burger joint []

Thanks to Jeremy for the tip!

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